25 - 26 February, 2019
The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Brayden Ainzuain

Head of Digital and Innovation - Middle East and North Africa
Publics Media, UAE

9:30 AM OPENING KEYNOTE PANEL: The future of digital media and entertainment is immersive: are we transforming fast enough?

Immersive experiences are known by their ability to tell a great story which promises (or threatens) to impact media and entertainment industry in ways not yet imagined. The future will be filled with choices offering multidimensional content experience. How ready media houses are for this paradigm change will determine how successfully they will be able to connect with consumers in the future.

11:30 AM FIRESIDE CHAT: How is data powering personalised content curation and recommendations

  • Realtime emotion recognition
  • Securely leveraging data on preferences and emotional state to trigger personalised content and context feeds
  • Affective Computing in bridging the gap between human emotion and technology opening endless monetisation opportunities

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